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Music Projects

Goats Gathering

Goats Gatherings took place in ‘Katsikia’ (literally meaning ‘goats’). They were musical meetings in the house I lived during my stay in Agios Nikolaos in Crete, for 4 whole, full of experiences, creative years. Some of the meetings where just recorded as one-take, some where edited further.

Part I, are meetings with friends from Agios.

Part II, are one-takes with Kiara, a wanderer girl from Italy that played her way with an accordion.

Part III, are the compositions and recording we did for a promotional video. Haralambis Parashakis plays the laouto and mandolino in Take I & Take II.

Goats Gathering One

Goats Gathering Two

Goats Gathering Three



Welcome ...we are in this world. It is our chance to learn and evolve. One single breath of ours a whole life cycle for other forms of life. And our life cycle is a single breath for other beings. Time on the physical plane, is a unique opportunity... So much to explore and experience.
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